About Us

We are a team of sales and marketing professionals, with many years of experience in timeshare and vacation ownership properties rentals and exchanges. We have created this amazing program that allows owners of various types of properties located in The Bahamas to rent to travelers or exchange occupancy with other owners throughout the entire Bahamas.

With our automated rental listing program, owners may cut out the middle man and avoid paying high commission fees by marketing direct to vacationers and travelers to The Bahamas. NO commission fees, NO banking fees and NO exchange fees.

Stuck with your deeded week or can’t get reservations? We know how frustrating it can be for timeshare owners to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a timeshare and unable to book their time or get occupancy for their time of preference while having to pay high maintenance fees. Well stop and think for a moment. You can’t book the week that you want because other owners already have that week booked or deeded to them. Have you also considered that many owners are also frustrated because you have the week that they want and they are not able to book it? Well our online exchange program allows you to network directly with other owners from your resort who may be interested in exchanging or swapping time. With our program, homeowners can uses their property and explore their entire Bahamas by exchanging with other owners.

Sure there may be other websites to list your property; however, we have the advantage over those other services and websites mainly because of our local presence in The Bahamas. Not only will your property be advertised through the top search engines on the web, but because we are located in The Bahamas, we can also market direct to the more than 5 million annual visitors to The Bahamas.